MR. GO: You Will Believe A Gorilla Can Play Baseball In Korea

Tested for both rabies and 'roids.

You have to love Asia. Mr. Go is a Korean film about a big ass gorilla who plays baseball. The concept is not so bizarre that would have looked out of place among our kids films. But by virtue of being Asian, it suddenly looks kind of amazing whereas an American version of this would likely be stupid and bland.

I'm guessing the big difference between our cinematic cultures can be summed up in that shot of the gorilla being nearly crushed by a falling building. We'd sugar coat that shit a little, if we included it at all. Koreans don't have that problem.

Still, you don't need subtitles to see that this is a film for children. It probably won't be some great movie, but the CG gorilla does look pretty impressive. And goddammit, if I'm going to watch an animal play baseball, it might as well be a big gorilla.

I've included a synopsis below. Frankly, I'm just a little bit excited to see this one.

Wei Wei grew up in the circus with a bat-swinging gorilla named Ling Ling. After her grandfather dies in the Great Sichuan Earthquake, she has only Ling Ling to depend on. In order to pay her grandfather's debt, she has no choice but to accept sports agent Sung's proposal to bring Ling Ling to the Korean Baseball League. Despite serious doubts and ridicule from the league, Ling Ling, now dubbed 'MR. GO', becomes an instant hit, hitting one home run after another and propelling his floundering team to the playoffs. However, the rise to stardom is met with unexpected troubles and MR. GO must now face adversaries beyond his control.

Mr. Go comes out in July. Probably not at your local AMC, though. Probably not at your local anything.