Speaking Of Steven Soderbergh: MAGIC MIKE Sequel Still In The Works

The retiring director will only take on struttin' duties this time.

Everyone I know loved Magic Mike except for me. I merely liked it. It's one of those movies that instead of being a little bit comedy and a little bit drama felt more like a little bit of neither one. It was also long. And stinky. Furthermore, I have reason to believe Magic Mike made a lot of Your Momma jokes about my momma, and that's not cool.

But like I said, I am way in the minority on this. So you should all be very happy to hear confirmation that Magic Mike 2 really is something that is moving toward the light of day.

According to an interview with Pride Source, Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh feels the sequel is "far along," and he claims that it is based on a "really hilarious and very cinematic idea that we reluctantly didn't put in the first film." He also says that the original cast will be returning. That better include Kevin Nash, or I'm out.

Soderbergh won't be directing the movie, however, just in case you thought his retirement was going to turn into a Kevin Smith-irement where he stops making films "except for sequels" and/or "ones that could be potentially profitable." Soderbergh claims he will be involved with the film, but not in the capacity we all hope.

Despite the word that Magic Mike 2 is far along, it's still probably a way off. So keep your panties on, fellas.