Three Awesome New GRAND THEFT AUTO V Character Ads

It's like THE A-TEAM, but pared down to three.

Whenever I squat in a corner, crying in self pity over the fact that I don't have any of the current generation (about to be last generation) gaming consoles. I push my tears out by imagining myself missing out on specific games, namely Grand Theft Auto IV and now, Grand Theft Auto V.

I played Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, and even that London version on the PS1. I played GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas multiple times. But it kills me that I haven't played the newer ones yet. These trailers for GTA V just hammer that home even more. Thanks a lot, trailers.

Instead of focusing on gameplay, these commercials introduce us to the plights of the game's three main characters. That may sound like a bunk concept for an ad campaign, but with games like this, it's more a promise that the story is going to kick your ass. You did see how the third guy, Trevor, is a psychopath, right? Even back on PS2, Rockstar was trying as hard as they could to make a movie-quality crime story with each game. This focus on character indicates they possibly nailed it (if they didn't already in IV; I wouldn't know *sniff*).

I'm so excited to hear about playing this and watch people play this on YouTube that I can barely contain myself. The game won't come out until September 17, though. So for now we are all on equal ground.