Does This THE WOLVERINE Trailer Get You Psyched?

The CinemaCon trailer leaves behind the emo whining and plays up the action.

Guys, at the end of this trailer - which played at CinemaCon, the theater owners' convention - Wolverine takes a wound on his face, the slowly turns to the camera and glowers while it heals. How exciting is it to see that... for the fifth time?

Maybe that's why I'm not that interested in The Wolverine. Been there, done that, even if there will be more ninjas this time. I'm feeling a little burned out on Wolverine, and who wouldn't be after X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Maybe things have been fixed this time (I'm hearing the opening sequence with the atomic bomb on Hiroshima - seen briefly in this trailer - is laughable, though, so maybe not), and maybe we're getting a pretty solid movie. I'd like that. I like Hugh Jackman quite a bit, and I'm always rooting for the guy.

But this otherwise looks really generic and uninteresting and a little bit small. What do you guys think? Am I just being too harsh? Tell me why I'm wrong in the comments. If I am wrong, that is.

Thanks to Brian Henne.