Kelsey Grammar Joins TRANSFORMERS 4 Cast

Playing Optimus Primal. No, not really.

Thanks to the beautiful, highly amoral majesty of last week's Pain & Gain, Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers 4 seems even more like a huge waste of time for a guy who could be doing other, better things, hopefully with The Rock.

Even with the promise of a halfsy-reboot kind of thing, this Transformers business is not good. But they keep rolling on regardless. Now Transformers 4 has a bad guy. Not a Transformer bad guy, but a human one, though I know it's often difficult to tell the difference.

Mr. Bad Guy will be played by Kelsey Grammar, who I think Michael Bay may have confused with a Coen Brothers actor. He might as well be one, if you really think about it. Grammer's a top notch thespian, so I highly doubt he's worried about taking over for Patrick Dempsey

This is neither a good nor a bad thing, but simply a Transformers 4 thing. There will be more Transformers 4 things to come. And then Transformers 4 itself will arrive. And then beautiful sleep. Until Transformers 5.