Over At FYA: The GILMORE GIRLS Rewatch Project

Meredith's rewatching GILMORE GIRLS at FYA, and she's telling you in case you're interested. 

I wasn't sure if I should link to this on BAD, but then I remembered that I once mentioned Gilmore Girls here and was pleasantly surprised by the response. You guys have such diverse predilections! So this is just a quick heads up that I've started rewatching Gilmore Girls and writing it up for our sister site Forever Young Adult.

Every Wednesday morning I'll recap three episodes at a time in a sort of fun, loosey-goosey way. I might include GIFs. I might include a coffee tally. I might include a drinking game. I might include screencaps of Lorelai's craziest outfits. (I totally do all of those things.)

If that sounds your speed, check it out