FANTASTIC FOUR’s Human Torch Might Be Super Duper Awesome

Where's Wallace At?

According to TheWrap, Michael B. Jordan, known mostly from his work as the guy who dies in Chronicle and as Wallace, the first really sad death of The Wire, is in the running to play Johnny Storm in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot.

I honestly can't speak to the validity of this report. TheWrap sites only "numerous individuals familiar to the project" for the news, but the notion does raise a lot of interesting ideas about the potential coolness of this new Fantastic Four.

If Jordan does end up being the Human Torch, it will be kind of a big deal, though it shouldn't be. We've seen with Idris Elba's casting in Thor how surprisingly racist some comic book nerds can get when it comes to colorblind casting. So it's good for outing assholes. Also, it's just good. As a person who frequently makes an ass out of himself when discussing colors, I'm for colorblind everything.

One legitimate question this raises, however, involves Johnny Storm's relationship with sister and fellow Fantastic Four-ian, Susan Storm. Allison Williams is currently rumored to be on the short list for the role. Even a colorblind must admit that she's white, which complicates their status as brother and sister. It will be interesting to see how they work that out. Maybe they're both adopted?

Of all the Wire actors, I'm so happy Michael B. Jordan has come out of it with a career. It's always sad to see someone meet such highs on that show only to next show up on Law & Order: Whatevs or a Tyler Perry film. Jordan has a lot of talent and somehow managed to grow into a smooth adult despite his kind of nerdy start as Wallace. Even if this particular rumor doesn't turn out in his favor, he seems to be doing pretty well as an actor.