Announcing The Summer Of ‘83 At The Alamo Drafthouse!

It's the sequel to Summer of '82, in theaters this summer!

Alamo Drafthouse - SUMMER OF '83 from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.

We're excited to announce The Summer of '83, the follow-up to the Alamo Drafthouse's wildly popular Summer of '82 series last year. This was a crazy good run for movies, and the Drafthouse will be showing the best of the best on big screens at every location. 

This series will tie in with the launch of the new Alamo Drafthouse guide, soon to be a nationally distributed magazine called Birth.Movies.Death. It's exciting because Devin's the editor-in-chief of the magazine, I'm the managing editor and all of your favorite Badass Digest writers will be contributing content! The first issue lands on Drafthouse theater shelves alongside the Summer of '83 screenings, so we have terrific essays on Risky BusinessTrading PlacesVacationJaws 3-D and more. We'll be publishing these essays on the site as the films hit screens, so don't worry about missing them if you don't have access to an Alamo nearby, but the magazine will be filled with amazing art and each issue will be super collectible. 

So here's the lineup for Summer of '83!

Trading Places


The Killing of Satan

Risky Business

The Deadly Spawn




National Lampoon’s Vacation

Jaws 3-D 

Aaaand, for one night in Austin only...

Return of the Jedi!! Here's the scoop:

Of course, the crown jewel of that summer was Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. The Alamo is proud to host the film’s theatrical return for its actual 30th anniversary on Saturday, May 25. The Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane in Austin, TX, will be the site of an all-day, galactic-sized celebration. Alamo is honored to be one of only two places this summer where the original trilogy classic can be seen on the big screen again, the first time since 1997.


Return of the Jedi provided an immensely satisfying ending to the saga, following up the utter devastation wrought by a certain paternal reveal at the end of Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back with the most emotional film in the series.  With films, the passage of time can sometimes produce a feeling of predestined outcomes, as storylines and characters become ingrained in our collective consciousness.  But it was an incredibly bold move at the time for George Lucas to take Darth Vader, a walking embodiment of evil, in a more sympathetic direction, using the Emperor as a super villain foil that allowed Vader’s humanity to creep in.  The Alamo is here to argue that the film’s dynamic scenes between Vader, Luke and the Emperor are some of the best that science fiction cinema has ever had to offer.

What’s more, the Alamo is also going to turn the clock back to a time before the construction of the technological terror we’re so proud of… yes, before the Internet Age, back when the public celebrated their anticipation for a film… in LINE! Reserved seating will not be available for Return of the Jedi and Alamo will be creating an all day party with food & Star Wars-related activities throughout the day, including a costume contest.  Tickets are on sale NOW for the May 25th Austin screening of Return of the Jedi.  

Amazing, right? So get more info and your tickets for Jedi and the rest of the '83 titles RIGHT HERE.