Are You Ready For MEN IN BLACK 4?

Your answer is irrelevant.

We have a lot of films these days that can bore and even annoy people and yet still make tons of money simply because they're from a recognizable franchise and curiosity killed the cat. There wasn't really anything wrong with Men in Black 3. It was easily better than Men in Black 2. But maybe I'm just saying that because almost none of it registered with me. If I didn't have a ticket stub reading "Men in Black 3," I might be tempted to think I never saw it at all.

This airy void is what will be in people's heads when they decide whether or not to go see Men in Black 4. Yes, there will be a Men in Black 4. According to TheWrap, Sony just hired a guy named Oren Uziel to write it.

Other than for having a last name that magically combines Judeo-Christian angel name suffix convention and automatic weaponry, Uziel is known to us because of his big alien invasion film, The Kitchen Sink, which hasn't come out yet. Apparently The Kitchen Sink is a very good script because Sony not only hired Uziel for Men in Black 4 but a 21 Jump Street 2 rewrite as well. He's a sequel machine, so maybe we should expect The Kitchen Sink to be the Oblivion of alien invasion films.

I guess this is neither good nor bad news since the last Men in Black itself was neither good nor bad. The big question is whether or not RIPD inadvertently kills the franchise before this one can even come together.