Awesome THE WORLD’S END Poster Teases Intriguing Story Possibilities

Just who are those glowy-eyed weirdos?

We are just a couple days away from getting the first trailer for Edgar Wright's upcoming The World's End, which is a different film from the upcoming This is the End. Both might be funny. And both might even be a little bit awesome. But only one reunites Edgar Wright with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

To help momentarily get that Cornetto monkey off your back, enjoy this big The World's End poster which not only hits us with the punny tagline, "Prepare to get annihilated," but introduces the film's main menace for the first time. Apparently the nature of this army of science fiction zombies will be made clear to us when the trailer hits Wednesday. Until then, it's time for fan speculation (or time for someone who already saw the trailer through secret means to spoil everything in the comments).

I want to know all that stuff, but above all I want to know about Pegg's forehead "x" scar. Little details like that bring home how intricate these scripts are and how little it matters what the film is actually about. It's going to be great regardless.

Image courtesy of Edgar Wright's Twitter feed.