Luke Evans To Mope And Kill In THE CROW Reboot

Goth teens worldwide just got a new name to cut into their arms.

If there is one enduring franchise I've never understood, it's The Crow. While the original graphic novel is great and Alex Proyas' initial film certainly has a lot of iconic imagery in its favor, the central concept - that some murdered person comes back from the dead as a super-powered mime who enjoys unwavering vengeance until everyone who killed him or her is dead - seems ridiculously simplistic and limited. Even the first one seems interesting more on accident than anything.

But there were a bunch of sequels anyway. And now a reboot is coming. It's been in the casting stage for some time now and each new casting rumor appears to fall down the hipness ladder hitting every rung on the way. Rumor-wise, things started with Bradley Cooper. Then fell to James McAvoy. Then Tom Hiddleston. Then Alexander Skarsgard. According to Deadline, the task finally appears to have landed at the feet of Luke Evans.

Joking aside, Deadline claims Evans was director Javier Gutierrez's first choice, but he was just too busy to take the role. Instead of hiring some other medium-level hunk, Gutierrez has decided to just wait until Evans is less busy rather than lose him altogether.

Luke Evans is one of those movie stars I feel like Hollywood is forcing on us. He was in a few movies I have seen, but I have no memory of him. Pretty soon, he'll be on screens everywhere as the bad guy in Fast & Furious 6. After that he'll be in the next two Hobbit films. Also, he's in my most anticipated upcoming film, No One Lives. In other words, he's about to become my favorite actor ever.

And now I guess he'll also be our next Crow-Mime, following in the footsteps of Brandon Lee, Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius, Edward Furlong, and Iron Chef America. Da7e at Latino Review claims to have read the script for this new Crow film, and it sounds pretty dire. This time Crow-Mime has ghost powers that let him walk through walls and stuff like that.

This film will be amazing.