ENDER’S GAME Trailer: This Film Stars Harrison Ford

Some kids are also in this movie, maybe.

I am very curious about this Ender's Game film. This is a book I read a couple times way back when. I'm not sure what I'd think of it these days, but I used to love it.

And yet, this trailer messes with my memory. The large scale bombast on display here does not seem familiar to me at all. The zero gravity battle room is of course very prominent in my memory, but a lot of this other stuff feels new and/or embellished.

That's kind of a good thing and probably a necessary one. It'd be weird if they didn't let us see the big, legendary battle which sets up the alien conflict. It'd also be weird if they didn't go all out with it.

But I do wonder about the rest of Ender's Game and how exciting it will be. This trailer almost exclusively focuses on Harrison Ford as GRUFF ADULT. Even when his ominous voiceover ends, it switches directly to some of his actual dialog. Ender and the other children get the short shrift. Probably because kids are stupid. Even genius ones.

I love how colorful everything looks, though, and it certainly has a good enough cast. What do you think? This one walks a delicate line, for sure.