THE BUTLER Trailer: This Movie Looks Goofy And Amazing

Oscar bait was never so bizarre.

I truly don't know what's going on with The Butler. But I will see it. After The Paperboy and Shadowboxer, and yes, even Precious, I will see every weird goddamn movie Lee Daniels makes. He is a psycho.

Here we appear to have a twenty year old Forest Whitaker as butler to the President of the United States. The trailer paints a film deeply focused on the horrors of racism and the heroism of the Civil Rights Movement. While that's plenty for one movie, we know there has to be something even more going on because of Ronald and Nancy Reagan's inclusion. Robin Williams shows up, too, reprising his role from One Hour Photo.

High profile racial drama. The Presidency. A rare acting turn from Oprah Winfrey. How much of this will Daniels betray with sleazy sex, casually amateurish violence, wonky, unchecked performances, and superfluous gallons of sweat? We'll just have to wait and see. But with the promise of Melissa Leo in a Lee Daniels film, that wait might be just a little bit painful.