First Full UNDER THE DOME Trailer Delivers

This might do the unthinkable: get me to watch CBS.

Despite the fact that I like almost all of Stephen King's Under the Dome, and despite the fact that I'm really excited Brian K. Vaughan (among others) is producing the TV adaptation of it, the fact has always remained that this will be a sci-fi show on CBS, and that frankly doesn't inspire much confidence. 

And now the full trailer's been released, and here's the thing: it totally does look like a sci-fi show on CBS. But I still want to see it! We learned in the featurette from last month that they're trying to use as many practical effects as possible, and while everything doesn't look super expensive, that's admirable. And what little we're seeing of the characters here (Barbie, Julia Shumway, Angie, Scarecrow Joe) just feels right on the money. Finally, I am not a little intrigued to visit a world where Hank Schrader is a very, very bad man.

Under the Dome premieres Monday, June 24. I'll at least review the pilot and see where we stand from there.