THE FORGE, A Powerful Short About Pain

You should watch this now.

Last year Tanya Lim committed suicide, and her brother Eric inherited her personal savings. He used that money to make The Forge, a powerful short about pain and suicide. Yeah, it's a little cheesy in places, but it's also incredibly moving and earnest.

As someone who has walked some dark paths in my life, I agree strongly with the message of The Forge. Every loss, every pain, every bad time and terrible feeling of worthlessness, self-doubt and emotional agony has left me a little bit better, a little bit stronger. The world never gets better, but you do. And The Forge is honest: the hits never stop coming. You never stop being hurt, but that means you also never stop getting stronger. 

I'm so sorry for Eric's loss, but I'm so glad that he has channeled his pain in a way that can help many, many people. You can help people too simply by sharing this video. Sometimes people who are hurting just need to be reminded they're not alone, they're not freaks for feeling that way, and that things can get better. Things will get better. I've been there, ready to quit. I'm glad I didn't.

If you're in pain and feeling overwhelmed, please don't give up. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, or go to You'll get past this. Let someone help you get there.