This Is Not Jack Nicholson

Check out this astonishing CG model of Jack from THE SHINING.

You'd be forgiven for thinking the above is some kind of a photo or screenshot from The Shining, because that's a hell of a likeness of Jack Nicholson. It's actually a 3D computer model made by Hossein Diba of Iran*, and it's incredible. What's neat about it is that Diba has captured not just the looks of Nicholson in this iconic moment of the movie but also his performance. I'm sure that, should this be animated, it would look decidedly 'off,' but as a still image it's absolutely incredible. 

Synthespians keep getting closer and closer.

In case you're not convinced it's a 3D model, here's a stripped down version of it:

Thanks to Patrick Ripoll for the link. 

* Maybe we shouldn't be worried about their nukes but rather about their ability to overtake us in CG modeling.