Stagnant’s Fine: The First Video From Cossbysweater’s Debut Album

It's not about monsters, science fiction, hobbits or THE SIMPSONS. It's about feelings.

Allison Goertz, aka Cossbysweater, has gotten a lot of attention because her songs are often about geek-friendly topics. Her debut album has tracks about Freaks & GeeksThe Simpsons and The Hobbit... but she also writes about real emotions and real things. One such song is Stagnant's Fine, which tackles a topic that rarely gets broached in music. Usually breakup songs are all about pain and heartbreak, but Stagnant's Fine is a song about a relationship that has sort of wound down, that is coming to a conclusion in bored stasis, not heated emotion. 

The video is moody and sad, and I think it's brave of Cossbysweater to lead with this. There can always be Dungeons & Dragons videos; it's better for her to lead with something a little more universal and human. I especially like the haunting final shot.