Badass Digest Episode 32: Why I Love STAR TREK

Devin gushes about why the original STAR TREK isn't just the best TREK, it's one of the best science fiction franchises ever.

Did you guys know I really like Star Trek? I know, what a shocker. Maybe the actual shocker is that it took 30 episodes of Badass Digest With Devin Faraci to actually get to me drooling over the original series. 

Last week's episode was a sort of history of the original series and franchise, but I was never quite happy with that one. I like this week's better because it dives into the characters and the universe of Trek and I get an attempt to explain why I love the series so much - just what it is that resonates with me. 

Do you agree? I know a lot of you guys are TNG partisans, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the characters and episodes from the classic original series. Weigh in below!