IMDB Blows Up JJ Abrams’ Mystery Box

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS' IMDB page gives 'the secret' away.

If you're staying spoiler free on Star Trek Into Darkness do not go to IMDB. Seriously. Because the very first cast entry on that movie's IMDB page is now a major 'spoiler.'

Also don't read any further into this piece, because I'm about to give it away.




You've been warned.





The first cast member listed is Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan. I mean, we knew this - I've been saying it here on this site for maybe the last year or so - but the users who edit the IMDB have made it official. And official in a way that cannot be avoided by anyone looking for the slightest bit of info on the movie.

As Jordan Hoffman put it on Twitter: IMDB 1, Mystery Box 0.