Meet Paul Giamatti’s Rhino

Marc Webb tweets a first look at the angry SPIDER-MAN villain.

Jeez. Life was much simpler when I knew better than to look forward to Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I miss such care free innocence.

But most signs we get from the film refuse the existence of such a world. Except for the unnecessary inclusion of Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson, most of this Amazing Spider-Man 2 stuff looks interesting to say the least. This might not be a good film, but it certainly doesn't look like the snoozefest we got the first time around.

To prove that point, above is a photo Marc Webb posted on Twitter of Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich, or for those without two tongues: The Rhino. He's not actually in Rhino makeup for the photo, but when you're screaming through a face separated from your head by a barbwire tattoo, you don't really need much makeup, do you?

What do you think? Even if this film sucks, you can always look forward to Giamatti yelling a lot. Worked for Cosmopolis.