Is A GREMLINS Reboot Finally Moving Forward?

Warners may have finally fed this project after midnight.

Gremlins are cute. Mogwai are cuter. So I guess a Gremlins remake was inevitable.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Warner Bros. has decided to move ahead with a remake of Gremlins. Apparently, there was a chance that there were going to do it as a part three to the original series, but that idea has been scrapped.

Seth Grahame-Smith will produce with David Katzenberg. Smith wrote Tim Burton's Dark Shadows movie, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and is currently working on writing the Beetlejuice remake. Clearly he is an artist of the highest order. After Gremlins he'll likely go on to work on Les Wiseman's remake of Heat and Jonathan Liesbesman's remake of the Clash of the Titans remake.

I usually try to be open minded about remakes, but this one has little chance without someone as naturally mischievous as Joe Dante involved. I can already see the little CG Gremlins in my head right now. They're sort of just sitting there, not doing anything. One of them just farted.

Maybe this still has a chance to stall out before getting so far along that there's no going back. If we start hearing about a cast and a director, that's a bad sign. This news has popped up before, so it might be more of a constant, somewhat comfortable threat rather than an alarming, imminent one.