Is It His Underwear That Makes Paul Giamatti The Rhino In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2?

Set photos show off The Rhino's boxers.

Hey, I like this. (a registered charity, I guess) has some set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and they show Spidey using his webbing (to be added in post) to pants The Rhino. Or at least the Rhino in his guise as a Russian mobster. The pantsing reveals that he has rhino-decorated boxers. 

This leads to the question: is he ever The Rhino in the movie, or is that just a nickname he has as a mobster? Information I have about Oscorp's activities in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 leads me to believe we will see other characters outfitted in ability-enhancing tech, and so I assume The Rhino is one of them. To say anything more would be a spoiler, I think.

Anyway, what I like about this is that pantsing The Rhino feels like classic wiseass Spider-Man. Everything I know about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shouts one thing: they're getting it right this time.