Presenting Detroit’s Robocop Statue

The crowdsourced statue is almost finished, and almost ready to be placed in Old Detroit. 

A couple of years back the internet got really excited about an idea. That idea was the creation of a ten foot tall Robocop statue in Detroit, honoring the city's greatest protector. Detroit's mayor declined the idea - the city is essentially falling to pieces and has no money whatsoever, and spending cash on a statue like that feels silly when you're having a hard time paying teachers - but a Kickstarter happened and was successful and now we have the first stage of the Robocop statue.

The image above isn't the finished statue. This is the model, which is now being sent off to Detroit's Venus Bronze Works to be cast in bronze. This isn't the end, though. While $67,000 has been raised to date, the organizers behind the statue think they may yet need to secure additional funding. There could be another Kickstarter... or if MGM has a brain in their marketing heads, they'll pay the rest of the costs and get a ton of free publicity for their remake. Knowing how studio people think, though, they'll balk at the idea of this statue honoring Classic Robocop. "Can't we redo it as the new version?" some 27 year old marketing fucktard will likely say. 

Thanks to Birth.Movies.Death for the heads up!