Trailer For Sundance Winner FRUITVALE STATION

The tragic true story comes to theaters this year.

Every year at Sundance I miss the big movies. It's not on purpose, but it just seems to keep working out so that every time the awards are announced the winners are all films I totally missed out on seeing. The big one this year, the film I really wish I had caught, was Fruitvale Station (just Fruitvale at Sundance, the Station has since been added), the movie starring Michael B. Jordan as a man who gets caught up in tragic events in San Francisco's BART. It's based on a true incident of unrivaled police abuse in 2008, an incident that starkly reminded us of the power dynamics in this country. 

For the nerds in the crowd, Michael B. Jordan is currently in the running for the role of The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot. Fruitvale Station could be the role that gets him an Oscar nomination - that's how well recieved the film was at Sundance.