Jörg Buttgereit To Return With Anthology, GERMAN ANGST

Sounds like a romantic comedy for the ages.

Jörg Buttgereit has had an interesting career. Most of us know him for his nasty Nekromantik films, though I think his The Death King is even better than those. He has a few other features, too, but many of them are very mysterious to me. In 1994 he put out Schramm: Into the Mind of a Serial Killer but then didn't do another film until 2009's Captain Berlin Versus Hitler, which I now must see as soon as possible. He did apparently direct an episode of Lexx, though.

Now it looks like Buttgereit is back with an anthology film which already sports a perfect title: German Angst. He will be joined by Andreas Marschall, director of Tears Of Kali, and Michal Kosakowski director of Zero Killed. German Angst is not yet shooting, but they do have a poster, seen below. It's super hot.

This is pretty exciting. It's be cooler if Andreas Schnaas were involved, but you can't have everything.