The Extended AGENTS OF SHIELD Trailer Reveals More!

It's THE X-FILES meets THE AVENGERS, and it looks pretty good.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has gone to series on ABC, and the promos have been flying at us fast and furious. The latest promo is full length - almost three minutes - and gives us a better sense of the main team at the heart of the show, as well as what to expect in general. It seems as though Agents of SHIELD is going to be X-Filesish, with SHIELD investigating weird happenings around the world. There's a hint of other groups who are also interested in super powered folks - AIM? Hydra? - and I'm assuming that's the mythology arc that will propel the series forward. Hero/monster of the week episodes will be interspersed with tales of the growing superpower arms race.

That sounds pretty good to me. I wonder how often they'll dip into established Marvel characters for the show; the promo includes J. August Richards as a super powered black guy, but is he Luke Cage? There's been some speculation about that. If he is Luke Cage, that is the death knell for the character on movie screens, I'd guess. That's probably the big question moving forward with the show in general - does introducing a known character on Agents of SHIELD ruin them for the movies? (It's worth noting that some are speculating Richards is actually playing the New Warriors character Rage, an addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe I would embrace)

It'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm not aware of a cross-media continuity that's quite this ambitious. I'm also interested in seeing if this show actually sticks. Will Disney force ABC to keep airing a ratings loser so they can do stuff for their money-generating movies?

And is Lola a flying car? They were standard issue in classic SHIELD stories. God, I hope so.