This CATCHING FIRE Poster Is Seriously Cool

Much cooler than it needs to be, actually. 

I really like this. I love that it has the feel of a classic YA novel, like White Fang or the Anne of Green Gables books. After all, The Hunger Games is a young adult series, and I think it's smart to remind us that this can be a very good thing, instead of trying to hide it under a lot of flying dirt and menacing silhouettes. 

"The sun persists in rising, so I make myself stand" gets to the heart of Katniss' heroism. She's not a hero because she wants to be. She doesn't care for glory - she's a survivor. And as long as this old ball keeps turning, she'll keep surviving. 

This feels like a real win for Catching Fire. It's a risky one-sheet, not the typical slick CG genericism. I doubt this is the one that will hang in mall corridors across the country come November 22, but I like that it's out there now.