Jake Gyllenhaal And Chris Pine May Go INTO THE WOODS Together

Give them their privacy.

Rob Marshall is a director of musicals and one made for television Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Now he is adapting Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods for Disney. I'm not familiar with the musical but here's a synopsis from THR:

Into the Woods is a darkly comic mash-up of classic fairy tales that revolves around a childless Baker and his wife, who attempt to lift a family curse by journeying into the woods to confront the witch that put the spell on them. Along the way, they encounter a group of characters including Rapunzel, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.

So it's kind of an Enchanted thing. Or if you want to be mean, a Shrek thing. However you choose to put it, it's about itself and people like that.

The film already has Meryl Streep involved as a witch and Johnny Depp involved as a formerly interesting actor. Now it's looking to add two princes in the form of Chris Pine and his This Means War co-star Jake Gyllenhaal (I choose my own reality would thank you not to correct it). One would be Rapunzel's prince. The other would be Cinderella's prince. And they may even switch halfway through just to see if anyone's paying attention.

Chris Pine has had a rough time making the most of his Captain Kirk fame, but maybe this supporting turn will make him more likable outside of his uniform. If not, there's always Rescue 911 and a career in spoken word rock music. As for Gyllenhaal, he is simply the Gyllenhaal, just as Gyllenhaal as he was when we first Gyllenfell in Gyllenlove with him all those Gyllenmoons ago.

This honestly doesn't sound that bad. People who love musicals tend to love Sondheim, so I'm sure it the songs will be great, though it remains to be seen if these two hunks can sing. That's if they decide to take the parts. More than anything, I enjoy the idea that they're some kind of packaged deal.