He will be playing "Guy who flips backwards up a wall."

You might remember that Paul Walker is starring in an English language remake of District B13 which will be known to us American morons as Brick Mansions. The film will be directed by Camille Delamarre and, per usual, produced by Luc Besson.

Maybe you thought this was something you could skip, especially since Brick Mansions will also have original District B13 Parkour guy, David Belle, so it'll feel even more like something you've already seen once.

But now that option has been taken away from you because the RZA has been cast in the film. Even if a movie bad, it's worth seeing if RZA's onscreen. When that man speaks, amazing things happen.

According to THR, RZA will be playing the film's big gang leader. In District B13 terms, that means he'll be playing this guy, originally played by Clive Barker/Tim Roth/Adam Sandler:

I'm still not really sure if this is going to be mostly Parkour based or just a little Parkour-ish. Personally I thought the fad died with Broadway's Spider-Man Into Darkness debacle, but just yesterday I had a chubby fourth grader tell me that his hobby was performing and watching Parkour, so I guess it's hit the next generation, which is very exciting because that's when the Borg finally show up.

Brick Mansions is actually shooting right now in Montreal, so we'll find out pretty soon how much Parkour we have on our hands here, and whether or not it does Richard Stark's literary world justice.