V/H/S/2 Red Band Trailer Is Very Gruesome And Very Awesome

Oh my goodness. Oh my dayum.

I have heard nothing but good things about found footage anthology V/H/S/2, sequel to the less axiomatically great V/H/S/1. This red band trailer seems to confirm all that high praise.

What the fuck did I just watch? Not that there was every any question, but I'm now super dying to see this. My only complaint is, did I just see too much of what's in store?

Hopefully there's even more of this madness to anticipate when the film hits iTunes and On Demand on June 6, 2013 followed by a theatrical run starting July 12, 2013. I usually think the first run iTunes and On Demand stuff is too expensive, but I might make an exception for this.

Obviously, NSFW. Maybe it's too late to tell you that now. Sorry if you got fired. Worth it, though?