Brand New NYMPHOMANIAC Image Wants To Get It On

So many pornos are about to happen right now.

News hit this morning that Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac will have its world premiere in Denmark on December 25, which I'm fairly certain is Christmas.

Unfortunately, only Danes will wake up Christmas morning to unwrap this four hour long sex epic. The rest of us will have to settle for socks. Magnolia Pictures will distribute the film in America, but it is still unknown when that will happen.

Until then, however, here is this amazing new cast photo from the film. The image is so brazen and obvious that it almost makes Nymphomaniac look like a comedy. And with Udo Kier on the floor staring up at Uma Thurman's vagina, it very well may be.

You may notice von Trier himself in the background about to start whacking it (accompanied by an assistant ready to clean up afterwards). Do any other directors make themselves part of the advertising like this? The image reminds me that he had his own character poster for Melancholia. I think it's kind of awesome. But that might just be because it's Lars von Trier. If J.J. Abrams pulled that shit, I'd be pissed.