The CW Still Wants To Make A Wonder Woman TV Show

AMAZON back in development.

Wonder Woman is a strange character. There are some versions of her I like a lot and others I don't care for much at all. The point being, she's not an easily defined character beyond her basic costume and gender. Her popularity mystifies me.

For better or worse, a movie or television show might bring her some focus. A while back, the TV channel known as The CW tried to make a Wonder Woman show called Amazon, which would be sort of like their Smallville show or the currently airing Arrow, in which they bring a larger than life comic book character and shrink them onto the small screen. Amazon did not lift off, however, thanks to a bad script.

Now they're trying again, this time with a different writer: Aron Eli Coleite one of the writers who worked on Heroes, perhaps the best written superhero drama to ever star Zachary Quinto.

This is a character who needs some more concrete modern iconography. I'm not sure a CW-style resurgence will offer that as well as a good film could, but it's better than nothing. And lesbians have been needing a Xena replacement for way too long now. Here's hoping they finally get it together and hire an actress who weighs more than 100 pounds for the role.