Watch Morgan Freeman Be Funny In This LAST VEGAS Trailer

The story of how beef jerky is made.

Every year or so Hollywood needs to make a movie about old people getting down like they used to back when they were kids. The reason they need to do this is two-fold. One, America is filled with old people. Two, Hollywood is filled with old actors. You don't have to know about these films. They're not for you. They're for those people out there who refer to Humphrey Bogart as "Bogey."

But with a good cast and a disciplined handle on sentiment, occasionally these films can be good. Last year's Stand Up Guys was wonderful. Despite all logic, I have a soft spot for Space Cowboys. Also: Bubba Ho-Tep, motherfuckers.

Last Vegas looks like it could be another winner, though I'm betting the sentiment will be dialed up to eleven despite this trailer's dry tone. The cast is exciting. Michael Douglas demands to be seen even when he's all moisturized grit and neck skin. I'm not really prepared for Kevin Kline to be an elderly guy, but I guess he's up there. Morgan Freeman appears to be having a really good time. The whole 2nd half of the trailer is him drunk and slurring and dancing as if he had a humorous bone in his body after all.

The odd man out is De Niro. In Old Man Movie terms, he's the Martin Lawrence. The other three guys are enough for one film. De Niro's involvement either brings this whole ensemble together or over salts the shit out of it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I am taking bets on which one dies at the end. Not only does the sub genre demand it, but this is a John Turtletaub joint. Odds are on Morgan since that's kind of this thing in these films. But I'm putting my money on Douglas since he seems to be the leader, and also because he's starting to turn into that old guy from Poltergeist 2.

The poorly titled Last Vegas comes out on November 1 from CBS films (of course!).