Set Course For Badass: George Takei Responds To Anti-Gay Marriage Bigots

The captain of the Excelsior has a good sense of humor. 

George Takei, the original Sulu from Star Trek, is a gay man. For the last few years he's been a pretty vocally out man, using his iconic status to advance tolerance. He's living Gene Roddenberry's vision in a lot of ways. 

He's also pretty savvy about the internet (or at least his people are), and his latest viral sensation is a series of pictures where he responds to people who were protesting against same sex marriage. These images, which went viral when the Supreme Court was hearing arguments about California's Prop 8, have people holding up handwritten signs explaining why they're against gay marriage ("I'm intolerant" didn't get used, somehow). Takei has made his own signs in answer, and they're all very funny and catty. 

Growing up I don't know that I would have imagined that George Takei would be my favorite original series alum, but here we are. He's also been a big supporter of Los Angeles' subway system, so I have lots of reasons to love him.