You Guys Killed The ZOMBIELAND TV Show

Apathy: The opposite of Kickstarter.

Like many of you, I was entertained by Zombieland. Like many of you, I wasn't absolutely dying for any more zombie adventures from Twinkie-obsessed characters named after strippers, though I wouldn't have kicked the idea out of bed, either. But like many of you, I failed to watch the Zombieland pilot which appeared on Amazon last month as a gauge for whether or not more episodes should be made.

The gauging is now complete and Zombieland is dead. I'm still not sure making a pilot available for public opinion is the proper way to measure the potential success of a show. It not only seems cowardly but doesn't put much fire under the episode since it's but a taste of something that may or may not have a follow up. Some people won't watch Deadwood because they heard it didn't really get a proper conclusion. Imagine how many people would watch it if there were no second episode.

One of the creators, Rhett Reese complained on Twitter that Zombieland fans "hated the show out of existence." That does not seem a fair or accurate summation of what happened. People probably did hate the show, but a lot of factors could have gone into that, such as the show looking kind of dumb.

Or maybe it was going to be really good and we all fucked up. The good news about that is we never have to know about it. And more good news! I hear we're getting Twinkies back, too.