DOCTOR WHO Season 8 Confirmed With Steven Moffat

The seventh season reached its conclusion last night, but showrunner Moffat will definitely be back. 

Last night Doctor Who aired its seventh season finale (read Dan's review here), and at the same time, BBC confirmed that showrunner Steven Moffat (also responsible for the great Sherlock) will return for an eighth season. Presumably, so will Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, along with John Hurt's "dark side of The Doctor, one who did not necessarily abide by the same rules or even share a willingness to share the name."

But before any of that shakes out, Who fans can look forward to a huge 3D special celebrating the series' 50th anniversary, a drama centered around the genesis of Doctor Who and, of course, the Christmas special. 

Here's a clip of Moffat and predecessor David Tennant behind the scenes of the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who.