Keanu Reeves Has Another Romantic Sci-Fi Film In The Works

Nothing is more sexy than speculative fiction.

I really like the way Keanu Reeves picks movies. The guy just loves science fiction films. When the virtual reality highjinx of Johnny Mnemonic failed to set the world on fire, Reeves didn't give up on the idea and was totally ready to step up to the plate when The Matrix came along a couple years later. We laugh at him for one and congratulate him for the other, but the same instinct lead him to both.

Keanu Reeves likes science fiction so much, he even makes it a part of his romantic comedies.The Weinsteins have just acquired the US distribution rights for a new Keanu Reeves sci-fi romance film called Passengers. Co-starring Reese Witherspoon, the film will be written by Prometheus' Jon Spaihts and directed by Game of Thrones director Brian Kirk.

The plot for Passengers is actually pretty intriguing. It goes a little something like this:

Reeves plays a character aboard a spaceship destined for a faraway colony whose sleep chamber malfunctions and awakens him 90 years before the ship is due to arrive. Facing a solitary life and death in deep space, he wakes up a fellow passenger, played by Witherspoon, and a novel interstellar romance ensues.

So, I don't care how in love they fall; that's kind of a dick move. Still, it's an original, intriguing premise, and I like it a lot.

I don't usually give a shit about money stuff, but I find it noteworthy that part of the acquisition deal demands the Weinsteins pay a minimum of $25 million specifically on promoting the film to the public, ensuring that they don't just dump it opposite The Justice League or something dumb like that. Pretty smart move.