New THE WOLVERINE Trailer Looks Just Like The Old One

A little more Jean Grey action isn't going to save this one.

If I'm overly down on The Wolverine, I'm really sorry. Nothing would make me happier than to have a kick ass Wolverine film, but such a thing is unlikely. For one, movie plots kind of necessitate he act like a sentimental wuss at one point or another, neutering him. Despite his popularity, this is a guy who should be support only. The most fun I ever had watching Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was his First Class cameo.

The other problem with Wolverine is his invincibility. Even this film, which goes the Spiderman II and Superman II route by depowering him, still makes him look more or less untouchable.

But there's also something a bit gay and campy about Wolverine at this point. I'm usually all in for that sort of thing, but here it feels way more like Hugh Jackman looking at himself in the mirror practicing his growls.

This trailer does nothing to dissuade this laundry list of negative The Wolverine opinions. Actually, it's barely a new trailer at all. Save for some more Jean Grey and a good look at Mr. Roboto, I'm not sure what was new. Regardless of which trailer we're talking about, the most interesting thing I've seen from The Wolverine thus far is that old guy's wicked metal kooshball recliner thing. If Japan could go ahead and import me one of those, that'd be okay.