Stallone Drops Lots Of Goofy EXPENDABLES 3 News

The saga continues…

I love Sylvester Stallone but he's very much chasing illusions of grandeur with his Expendables 3 Twitter pronouncements. So far he's joked about hiring Mel Gibson to direct only to get serious about hiring Mel Gibson to direct while also teasing and nixing a ton of different potential actor names and pinpointing exactly what type of age groups and gender he wants to focus on next.

Now we have some more updates from Stallone's Twitter feed. For one, Steven Seagal might be in the film after all:

Not only him, but Wesley Snipes as well:

And Antonio Banderas:

And Jackie Chan, which we already knew:

But the biggest and best news is a return of my favorite Expendable, Mickey Rourke:

Stallone also alludes to cherry picking from the cast of The Raid:

After which, he immediately steps in a big pile of shit:

I love Stallone's "Never say die" mentality, but he needs to know that the Expendables films aren't even bump on the ass of Merantau much less The Raid. At least he acknowledges The Raid as the new action standard. Maybe by trying to hit that, he'll pull off a Dredd instead. That wouldn't be so bad.

Again, the big takeaway from all this is that Mickey Rourke is coming back, hopefully to do this caliber work again:

I will never not be in love with that scene. Every micro-second of it is seriously amazing.