New MANIAC Trailer Reminds Us That This Film Still Hasn’t Come Out Yet

And that you should see it when it finally does.

I really enjoyed Elijah Wood and Franck Khalfoun's first-person update of the classic slasher film, Maniac. The film has been done for a while now, though, and I almost forgot that it still hasn't been released in America.

Soon that will no longer be the case. You'll be able to finally see the film for yourself on on VOD platforms and iTunes starting June 21. Until then, you can get your appetite for the film built up with this wonderful new trailer above, as well as these two new posters below. Of the two posters, I love the Mannequin one and detest the one with broken glass. So don't fuck up when Christmas time comes.

The trailer might be a little spoilery, but since most slasher trailers have to sell their kills, spoilers are almost unavoidable. And it's not like Maniac ends with Elijah Wood discovering a half buried Statue of Liberty or anything. It does capture the mood of the film, though, and gives you a taste of what its first-person gimmick feels like in practice, so it's a success in that regard. Plus, the music kicks ass.