Universal To Remake TIMECOP

In the future, it's already $2 in the used DVD bin.

Many people with time enough on their hands to pay attention to such things (like me) have proclaimed Timecop Jean-Claude Van Damme's best film. While I can think of more than a handful of films that better deserve that title (and yes, one of them is The Quest) I must admit that Timecop does kick all kinds of ass.

But it's not the kind of untouchable classic that no one should dare ever fuck with, especially in a world where perhaps the worst looking RoboCop remake possible is about to exist. So it's no great timecrime that Universal wants to remake it.

Timecop has a great premise that could stand to be spread around a little. It's about cops who monitor time travel. Badass. I like cop movies, and I like time travel movies, so I'm not going to cry if they make one where a guy with a mullet doesn't dodge electrocution by doing the splits onto adjacent kitchen counters.

Not much else known about this yet. Universal's Timecop remake is still at that crucial dream stage of its existence during which studio executives decide whether or not it can afford an R-rating and guess at how much product placement they can sneak in.