Drafthouse Films Buys German Film NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN

How much you want to bet that title ends up being ironic?

The Drafthouse Films team is over at Cannes right now, and they've done some work. They bought the US rights to a German film called Nothing Bad Can Happen, and if Drafthouse Films bought it you can imagine the title ends up being ironic. 

Here's the synopsis:

Nothing Bad Can Happen follows a young Christian punk who moves in with the family of a man he meets by chance and becomes the target of a cruel game designed to test his faith. 

It's the debut film from Katrin Gebbe, who becomes the first female director in the Drafthouse library (they've released films produced by women before). I don't know much about it -  they bought the film before it even premiered at the festival - but at this point I trust the decisions that James Shapiro, Evan Husney and Tim League (ie, the Drafthouse Films brain trust) make. I can't wait to see it. I always get sort of bummed when they buy a movie before I see it, because now I can never review it!

We'll keep you posted on the future of Nothing Bad Can Happen.