Morgan Freeman Cannot Stay Awake

This is the most precious thing you'll see all day.

We steer clear of dumb celebrity stuff here at BAD because most of it's usually mean spirited and not at all pertinent to anything. But sometimes a bit comes along that just needs to be shared.

This video shows a television interview with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, during which Morgan Freeman clearly nods off a couple times. There are several reasons why I am in love with this clip. One, I love the way Morgan Freeman's overwhelming drowsiness is perfectly balanced by Michael Caine's strange hyperactivity. Two, watching people try to fight off waves of sleep is really adorable and endearing. Most of us probably know exactly what this feels like. Three, maybe this one's not so nice, but there's an Abe Simpson thing going on here. Four, Morgan Freeman exudes dignity. That's his whole thing (until recently). Seeing him fall asleep during a boring fluff review kind of makes me relate to him in a way I never did before.

So there's my positive justification for posting this sincerely hilarious video. Enjoy.