AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS Trailer Grabs You By The Tear Holes

Casey Affleck finally tries out a dramatic southern role.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints is one of those films that comes to Sundance and gets everyone all excited. So when I say it looks awful, know that I'm only saying it looks awful to me. That doesn't mean it looks like a bad film, just that it looks like a boring, humorless, sack o' tears.

Even those who really want to see this movie might be a bit irritated by how much plot the trailer gives away. Other than the inevitable part where everyone dies, not much of this film's narrative structure is left to the imagination.

That's certainly not the worst crime in the world, especially for a film that looks as tonally solid and visually beautiful (if overly murky) as this. Unfortunately, I cannot reach down far enough to praise Casey Affleck's voice over, which finds him oddly trying to utilize an Oscar bait hick accent and an old lady impression all at the same time.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints, which is either the most confusing question in the world or just four random words thrown together without reason, comes to theaters on August 16. I can wait.