Badass Digest Episode 34: 8 Great Fantasy Movies

A list of eight of the best fantasy movies ever. Delivered very, very drunkenly.

Here's a drinking game for these episodes of Badass Digest With Devin Faraci: take a shot every time I say 'incredible.' You will die before the end of the video. 

This week I am slurring from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California, America's original Ren Faire. This is actually the second thing we shot there - in a couple of weeks you'll be seeing a drunken roundtable conversation about fantasy movies, and we'll all be dressed up in Renaissance clothes. In the meantime you just get me, the Merchant of Menace, barely able to stumble through this list. My friend said I sound like Dr. Steve Brule here. You decide.

What fantasy films would make your list? Hash that shit out in the comments below. And as always: please share this with your friends, neighbors, loved ones, enemies, lawn care specialists, service animals and anybody else who will click through and give a view. Thanks in advance.