CARRIE Motion Poster Does Well With A Bad Format

Warning! You will learn how the film ends!

The upcoming Carrie remake is not a film that fills me with much confidence, but I have to admit an affinity for this motion poster. Part of that is merely my appreciation that it's more than just a zoom into or out of an already familiar picture. Most motion posters seem satisfied with merely adding motion to static photos, as if that's supposed to blow us away. I've yet to see one in real life, actually, but the ones I've seen online hardly seem worth the effort.

This one is a bit different though. By segmenting Carrie's face and using each part for a different flash of bloody prom footage, the poster kind of demands you stare at it a lot longer than you normally would. I like it a lot.

Too bad the movie looks bland and forgettable in almost every other regard. I hope I'm wrong, but the idea of sitting through this film already feels kind of like a chore.