TV Review: ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT 4.05 “A New Start”

We're kicking off our live blog of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 4! Join Meredith as she marathons. 

Note: We've been waiting for the return of Arrested Development for seven years now, so obviously this is a momentous occasion that should be savored. But I'm not going to savor it: I'm going to live-blog it, and I hope you'll join me. That said, after, we should all rewatch these episodes at the leisurely pace they so surely deserve. 

It's Tobias' Arrested Development, and the method in which it interlocks with Lindsay's episode is pure genius. The suitcase swap, the seat on the airplane, "Anus Tart," - the way each joke feels like its own independent bit of hilarity in "Indian Takers" and is later revealed to be a set-up for an even funnier punchline in "A New Start" is what Arrested Development is all about. These two episodes, more than any other, have felt like home to this particular longtime fan. 

Maria Bamford's Debris is an amazing new character. Her plain fragility and host of STDs really team up nicely with Tobias' chronic optimism. ("When I saw Straight Bait, there were two men making love, and I couldn’t take my eyes off you.” "You watched Straight Bait?!")

And it's nice to see that Tobias' "misleading way of speaking" is highlighted here without a cheap (albeit crowd-pleasing) supercut of his many homosexually charged malapropisms of the past three seasons. Instead, one quick cut to his "It's a Fallacy/It's a Phallus, See" song from 11 seconds earlier made the point nicely. 

And that way of speaking has led to Tobias' being the subject of John Beard's To Trap A Local Predator show, thanks to Tobias saying stuff to Maeby like, "Daddy needs to get his rocks off," and crossing his fingers that she's 19 (of course he doesn't know how old she is! Worse parents ever).

Other items of note: Tobias: “Let’s be honest, for 2000 rupees, we’d both go down on Matthew McConaughey, right Michael?” Narrator: “At the time of filming, 2000 rupees was $36.” The charred and traumatized duck of the would-be Duck L'Orange makes yet another perfect candidate for an Arrested Development-themed dinner. (Alamo feast, perhaps?) "Hey, I'm not a thing." "Hey, I am a Thing." And of course, "I almost fucked a guy for a hamburger and you turned down a $120,000 a year job?"

On the next Arrested Development: "On the next To Trap A Local Predator..."

Best joke: "You look how I feel." "Gay?" G.O.B.'s plaintive delivery here really sells it.

Best callback: Tobias' takeout from Klimpy's Express!

Best cameo: I know I recognized Debris' doctor, but it's 6:30 in the morning and I've been up for 5 hours, so help me out here.

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