NEW WORLD WAR Z Poster Features Actual Zombies

This looks like an horror-themed holosuite program.

Promotion has not been World War Z's strong suit, particularly since advanced reviews indicate a far better film than the one we've been seeing in ads. The BRAAAAHM-heavy trailers have focused more on family and widespread destruction than zombies. As for the posters, the sillouette of zombies climbing each other up to a helicopter was nice, but the "Brad Pitt stares down at the the end of the world from a cargo plane's open hatch" looked pretty awful.

This new poster splits the difference. It features zombies but also puts a weirdly photoshopped Pitt-family front and center. It's the facial expressions that ruin this. All Hell is breaking loose, while Brad Pitt and his Pitt-wife look like they just got a flat tire or have bad gas or something.

Luckily, there is good word going around about the film. A big budget, tentpole zombie movie of actual quality is certainly not something to complain about. But selling this thing has not been easy for Paramount. We'll be able to judge for ourself when the film comes out June 21.