Disney’s PLANES Trailer: Dane Cook Gets Really High

Their noses are propellers, yo.

I can't really wrap my head around this whole idea that Pixar can make two Cars films, but when it comes to a computer animated spin-off, it's no longer a Pixar film but rather a Disney joint. On a very basic level, I understand it. But I also don't really see what keeps it from being a Pixar movie.  By now we're all getting used to the fact that Pixar has entered into a kind of "one for me two for them" release mentality. Why not just put this one under their belt as well, since it takes place in the same universe as two of their films?

My confusion is fitting because Planes really wasn't made for me. Even if it was a Pixar film, I probably wouldn't see it because I only want talking vehicles if they're killers are badass sidekicks or something. A whole world of them seems weird. This is a franchise I'll probably continue skipping, at least until they get to Drone Tanks.

As for the trailer, it looks fine. This time the annoying comic is the lead rather than the sidekick, and instead of being a snotty city boy forced into the boonies, he's a Clark Kent plane thrust into the big leagues. It doesn't help in the eye roll department that Dane Cook's airplane is afraid of heights. But on the plus side, the film does feature the voice of Sinbad.

Planes comes out this August. Look for Planes 2 to hit home video just before Christmas. Planes 3 1/2 will be out the day after Christmas.