Where Will HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 Get Its 500-Person Centipede?

Spoil the film and your appetite all at the same time.

We know so little about Human Centipede 3. Supposedly it just started filming, but what will it be about? How is it possible that both Part One's hilarious Dieter Laser and Part Two's beautiful Laurence Harvey can return? And how in the world will this film include the 500-person ass-to-mouth centipede promised by writer/director/sicko Tom Six?

Due to a casting sheet, we may finally have the answer to the third question, at least. If you don't want to know for fear of spoilers, turn back now.

So here it is via Shock Till You Drop. I quote it not just for the news, but also because it's pretty funny:

HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3, a horror film, is looking for gentlemen of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities to play PRISON INMATES starting THURSDAY - MAY 16 in LOS ANGELES. These prisoners will work up to 13 DAYS between MAY 16 and JUNE 6. We will be shooting at a number of actual PRISONS in the LA area. Applicants can be expected to engage in regular prisoner activities like RIOTING, SCREAMING, and FIGHTING. However, this is a HUMAN CENTIPEDE movie. THERE WILL BE SOME SCENES TOWARDS THE END OF THE SHOOT REQUIRING PRISONERS TO BE PART OF THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE. Actors will be fully clothed, but will be asked to pose on their hands and knees rear end to mouth. Please do not apply if uncomfortable with this process. Show is NON UNION. Rate is 64.00/8 + Mileage on some far away prison shoot days.

There you go. It's going to take place in a prison. An all-dude prison. That poop is going to be especially bad.

I love these films, but one of the biggest reasons why I'm excited for this third entry is because I want to see what else Tom Six is capable of. Something tells me his best film lay outside the realm of ass-sewing.